AEG ProSense L6FBG142R Washing Machine – White, White


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Top features: – ProSense technology provides tailored washes no matter the load size – Quality certifications from Woolmark, Ariel and Lenor – Effective cleaning with a large 10 kg capacity ProSense technology To clean each and every load efficiently, ProSense technology provides a tailored wash that automatically measures and adjusts each cycle. From a quarter load to a large 10 kg, the AEG Washing Machine includes sensors that automatically adjust the time, water and energy consumption needed to suit each and every wash – preventing water and energy wastage. Quality certifications Perfect for washing woollen garments without agitating the delicate fibres, the Woolmark program has been certified by the world’s leading authority on wool and is even suitable for hand-wash only items. Ariel and Lenor have also awarded the AEG ProSense L6FBG142R Washing Machine with a Premium Certification for great cleaning performance. Effective cleaning Designed to improve fabric softener distribution throughout the washing load, the Soft Plus option also adds an extra rinse to protect clothes and make them feel soft. With an extra-large washing machine door, loading and unloading is easy. You can fill up the machine quickly and efficiently, even with larger items such as sheets and duvets thanks to the huge 10 kg capacity.

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