BRITANNIA Brioso K24010G Chimney Cooker Hood – Matte Black, Black


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Be impressed by the design and functionality of the Britannia 100 cm Brioso K24010G Chimney Cooker Hood. The K24010G is ideal for removing cooking odours and steam that hang around in your kitchen as you’re cooking. With a maximum extraction rate of 800 mü/h, you won’t have to wait long for your kitchen to be cleared and smelling fresh. There are three fan speeds to choose from, which are easily selected using the elegant push button controls on the front of the hood. There are also two 40 W halogen lights for extra convenience and light to your working area.With the option to install it as either an extraction or recirculation hood, the K24010G lets you choose the most suitable option for your kitchen. As an extraction hood, the K24010G will vent the odours and grease out of your kitchen with an extraction kit (sold separately) to keep the air in your kitchen clean and breathable and reduce the amount of airborne grease that could settle on surfaces, minimising cleaning. You can also choose to install the K24010G as a recirculation hood to let it remove airborne grease particles as they travel through the unit. Additional carbon filters (sold separately) will also help to neutralise unpleasant and unwanted cooking odours as you cook to make your kitchen a nicer place to work. Give your kitchen what it deserves with the stunning matt black Brioso K24010G Chimney Cooker Hood.

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