Miele H6100BM ContourLine Single Electric Oven with Microwave, Clean Steel


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Combining the speed of microwave cookery with all the benefits of a fan oven, the Miele H6100BM ContourLine Single Electric Oven with Microwave provides multiple cooking options to the busy cook. It offers impressive flexibility with six different oven functions, coupled with easy-to-use sensor controls and it requires only minimal cleaning. Complete control The oven offers precise cooking and accurate temperature control from 30øC to 250øC, plus seven microwave power levels ranging from 80W to 1000W. In all, it offers ten different operational modes ranging from gentle baking to grilling and roasting to make for speedy and varied cookery. Plus, a keep-warm function ensures your meal stays hot once the programme has finished. Simple to use Simple, easy-to-set controls include start time, finish time and duration of the cooking process. Separate dials are used to set operating mode and temperature, with settings and other information, such as time settings, confirmed via touch-panel controls and a seven-segment LC display. An audible signal sounds when the desired temperature is reached. The oven remains cool-to-the-touch during operation, no matter how high the heat setting, and it also has a safety switch-off in case you forget to press the off button. Easy-cleaning The oven’s use of high quality materials mean only minimal cleaning is required. Its stainless steel cabinet has a special coated finish which resists fingerprint marks and is easily wiped clean. The interior of the oven is easily accessible and even the tilt-down grill element is easy to clean. Operating modes Microwave – 80W to 1000W Fan plus – Ideal for gentle baking and roasting Microwave + Fan plus – Combining functions can reduce cooking time by up to 30% AutoRoast – Meat is first seared at high temperature, then cooked at a lower roasting temperature. Microwave + AutoRoast – Combining operating modes can reduce cooking time by up to 30% Popcorn button – Popcorn popped at the touch of a button Fan grill – Cooks meat so it’s crisp on the outside and succulent inside: ideal for chicken, duck and many meat dishes Grill – A powerful, conventional grill Gentle bake – Particularly energy-efficient; perfect for roasts and oven bakes Defrost – Gentle defrosting using cool air ÿ Please note : This product is not available in our shops for viewing. However, you can still place your order in store.

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