SHARP K-61D27IM1 Electric Oven – Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel


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Top features: – It’s easy to keep your oven clean thanks to smart pyrolytic cleaning – ActiveCool technology keeps the oven door cool during temperatures up to 480øC – Avoid burning your food with an easy to read timer It’s easy to keep your oven cleanThere’s no need for scrubbing or expensive cleaners thanks to pyrolytic oven cleaning. The oven reaches temperatures of 480øC, turning grease and food residue into ash so, you can easily wipe away mess with a wet cloth. Keep your oven looking sparkling clean with this intelligent feature.ActiveCool technologyPrevent painful accidents and burns in the kitchen with the ActiveCool door, which maintains a cool exterior no matter how hot your oven gets. You can feel assured that your oven is safe to touch, which is perfect for homes with small children looking for added protection.Avoid burning your foodWhether you are a seasoned chef or an amateur looking to learn, the easy to read LED display lets you find and select your time and temperature settings with ease, so you can ensure reliable results with every meal.

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