Siemens ER3A6BD70 Gas Hob, Black


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This black, ceramic ER3A6BD70 2 burner gas cooktop from Siemens is compact and handy, but still boasts superb design and build. It’s also a Design burner, so it’s extremely flat in comparison to standard burners, and it features Siemens stepFlame Technology, which produces precise heat control over nine different flame steps. That makes it easy to quickly get your pasta to the boil, or enables gentle, burn-free simmering of rice. It’s easy and comfortable to use due to the quality control dials, and high-quality materials and workmanship can be seen in the continuous, cast-iron pan supports. These supports are also dishwasher proof, so they’re extremely easy to remove and convenient to clean. Also easy to clean is the extremely heat-resistant, modern glass ceramic surface.

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