Vax AP02 Air Purifier, White


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The Vax AP02 Air Purifier provides a heealthier home environment. Suitable for medium-sized rooms measuring up to 87m2, the purifier features a HEPA filter and traps smoke, dust and pollen particles effectively, so it’s ideal for asthma, hay fever and allergy sufferers, as well as pet owners. There are 3 variable speed settings and purification levels to choose from, and it’s quiet when in use so it won’t disturb you. A timer function lets you choose how long you want the machine to be on for without having to remember to turn it off yourself, and the double filtration layers will give you even cleaner air. The air purifier is easily activated with touch controls. CADR rating for smoke: 148 CADR rating for pollen: 129 CADR rating for dust: 165

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