Lenovo 65E6KAC1UK Full HD Monitor, 27, Raven Black


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Perfect for watching your favourite shows and films in vibrant Full HD, the Lenovo 65E6KAC1UK 1920 x 1080 pixel, NearEdgeless screen is ready for your work requirements, as well as to play your DVDs, Blu-rays or even your preferred streaming app. More the merrier As the monitor has USB-C, HDMI and VGA connection options, you have the ability to hook up and link your laptop or console, depending on your requirements. Thinking of the future Compliance with ENERGY TAR© 7.1, RoHS, and REACH requirements ensure the Lenovo 65E6KAC1UK is doing its bit for the environment. 3 Do you need a cable, a portable charger or more storage? Whatever your additional gadget requirements maybe, we’ll do our best to look after you. Please click here to browse our technology peripheral range. 3 Thought about Added Care? No one ever means to drop their prized device – regrettably, we’ve all done it. Please click here to see if Added Care could provide you with extra peace of mind when using your technology.

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