RAZER Invicta Gaming Surface - Mercury White, White


Currys PC World


Get the accuracy and control you need to win with the Razer Invicta Gaming Surface. Made with a premium aircraft-grade aluminium base, this gaming surface is durable and heavy enough to stay in place throughout the most intense battle royale, strategy game or FPS.The Razer Invicta offers two sides with different textures, so you’re ready to take on any game. The Speed surface lets you glide your mouse freely over the mat, helping you to react quicker than your opponents. The Control side of the gaming surface offers extra resistance for games where precision is key to victory. Every movement of the mouse feels measured, improving your aim in the heat of the competition.And with a lab-tested coating on both sides, the Razer Invicta Gaming Surface helps provide accurate sensor readings whatever mouse you use. So, you can play without ever worrying about jittery responses or unreliable tracking.

Material: Cloth & aluminiumThickness: 4.5 mmDual surface for speed and controlOptimised for all sensitivity settings & sensors

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