TRUST 168 Haze Gaming Mouse, 830-RW Avonn Gaming Keyboard, 363 Hawk Bass 7.1 Gaming Headset & XL Gaming Surface Bundle


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Take your PC gaming set up to the next level with this Trust 168 Haze Optical Gaming Mouse, 830-RW Avonn Gaming Keyboard, 363 Hawk Bass Vibration 7.1 Gaming Headset & 756 XL Gaming Surface Bundle._____________________________________________________Trust GXT 168 Haze Optical Gaming Mouse – BlackTake control of the battlefield with the Trust GXT 168 Haze Optical Gaming Mouse. Built for gaming, it’s high precision 4,000 DPI sensor is extremely accurate. The payoff is superb control whatever you’re playing.There are six customisable buttons that you can combine into a single click using the advanced software. That way you can surprise the enemy, and pull off special combos in just a second. Your multiplayer foes won’t know what hit them.RGB lighting your mouse illuminates as you play. Enjoy the spectacle of millions of colours, that you can customise to look how you want._____________________________________________________________Trust GXT 830-RW Avonn Gaming KeyboardYour keyboard won’t be the peripheral that lets down your build with the Trust GXT 830-RW Avonn Gaming Keyboard.Featuring rainbow wave illuminated keys with adjustable brightness, you can match your mouse, headset and other peripherals to the keyboard to create a colourful, streamlined look.In the heat of battle you don’t want your keyboard to stop registering your go-to spells. The GXT 830-RW has anti-ghosting for up to 6 keys at a time – you can type as fast as you like or launch a furious offence in League of Legends without feeling like your commands are being missed.________________________________________________________________Trust GTX 363 Hawk Bass Vibration 7.1 Gaming Headset – BlackThe Trust GTX 363 Hawk 7.1 Gaming Headset creates realistic directional sound, so you can pinpoint an enemy sniper just by the sound of his weapon reloading.The 50 mm drivers in the Trust GTX 363 Hawk pumps up music with a strong bass. As well as boosting the in-game music, you can pick up extra details that you might have missed. Now you’ll be able to hear footsteps, and react to opponents before they come into view.Wear the Trust GTX 363 Hawk for hours without ever feeling uncomfortable. The comfy pads will have you forgetting you’re even wearing a headset, so you can settle in for a whole night of discussing tactics with your teammates._________________________________________________Trust GXT 756 XL Gaming Surface – BlackGame until your hearts content with the Trust GXT 756 XL Gaming Surface. Featuring an optimised surface, you can get smooth and accurate responses when gaming. So head into battle with your friends and never miss that all important shot.What makes this GXT756 XL gaming surface so versatile is that it works with any type of mouse sensitivity or sensor. This means you don’t have to worry if you ever want to upgrade your mouse – it’ll still work just as smoothly as the last and you can keep on the intense gaming session.The anti-slip rubber will help keep your gaming surface in place so it won’t be moving with your mouse when you have to making quick decisions. Ideal for those FPS games when things get exciting.

6 programmable buttonsUp to 4000 DPIRGB LED lighting

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