TRUST GXT 164 Sikanda MMO Optical Gaming Mouse


Currys PC World


Top features:- 12 programmable buttons let you create custom button layouts – Button mapping software lets you create your own control schemes – On-board gaming profiles keep the button layouts recorded on the mouse – RGB illumination lights up the mouse as you play 12 programmable buttonsBeing able to reach all of your ability keys and fire the ones you need at the perfect moment can be the difference between a successful raid and a wasted evening. The Trust GXT 164 Sikanda Optical Gaming Mouse has 12 buttons, all of which can be bound to any key you like. Keep your health potions by your thumb, and your left hand won’t have quite so much work to do.Button mapping softwareUse the free Trust software to set up gaming profiles. Put different controls and customized macros on the mouse buttons for different games, so you can switch from dragon-slaying to grenade-lobbing and always have the buttons mapped exactly how you want them.On-board gaming profilesStore four different profiles on the mouse itself. As well as being able to switch profiles when playing at home, you can take the mouse with you wherever you take your laptop. Wherever you play, you’ll have the same controls for your favourite games.RBG illuminationWe all know that you just aren’t as accurate with a mouse that isn’t illuminated. The Trust GXT164 Sikanda Optical Gaming Mouse has full RGB lighting, so you can control the lightshow that will play out under your fingers.

12 programmable buttonsUp to 5000 DPIAdjustable LED lighting

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