TRUST GXT 188 Laban Optical Gaming Mouse


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Top features:- 15,000 DPI provides great accuracy in cursor movement – Adjustable RGB lighting lights up the mouse during play – Ergonomically placed buttons give you greater flexibility in button layouts – On-board profiles let you move your favourite button layouts to other computers – High-friction top & low-friction bottom grants greater control 15,000 DPIThe high sensitivity of the Trust GXT 188 Laban Optical Gaming Mouse gives you great reactions in combat, so you can whip across the screen and always get the first shot. It can be dialled down too, perfect if you’re sniping.Adjustable RGB lightingThe Trust GXT 188 Laban Mouse is for gamers, so of course it has lighting effects. Colours ripple along the edge of the mouse, and can be customised by you.Ergonomically placed buttonsThe mouse is comfortable in the hand, and the buttons are where your fingers naturally rest when gaming. They are all programmable, so you can move important controls from your keyboard to your mouse.On-board profilesIf you’re upgrading to a new computer, or just spend time gaming on your laptop too, you can save your button configurations to the mouse so that they’re available no matter what machine you’re on.High-friction top & low-friction bottomWhen things get tense you don’t want a sweaty palm to cost you control. The rubber layer on the top of the Trust GXT 188 Laban keeps it snug in your hand, so you’ll always have accuracy in combat.The low friction pads beneath keep the mouse gliding across the table, so you can respond quickly too.

8 buttons7 programmable buttonsUp to 15000 DPIAdjustable LED lighting

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