Equinox Kombucha Raspberry (275ml)


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equinox is the uk’s leading kombucha company, dedicated to brewing the best artisan ‘booch you’ve ever tasted since 2012. having its roots set firmly in the quirky and bohemian yorkshire hill town of hebden bridge, equinox was bound to break the mould. the company ethos is based their deep love of life, which means caring for the environment and making positive changes in the world at every opportunity. from their humble beginnings selling bottles at local farmers markets, they are now the market leader, distributing across the uk, europe and scandinavia equinox kombucha source only the finest organic ingredients to infuse their kombucha, which is made with pure spring water, fair trade chun-mee green tea, raw cane sugar, and a whole lotta love.

spring water, *raw cane sugar, *green chun-me tea, *raspberry leaf, *elderflower, *hibisus, *nettle, *rosehip, natural flavouring, *kombucha culture. *organic ingredients