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Spink & Edgar Empire K Mattress - Medium 5'0 King


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Spink & Edgar Empire K Mattress - Medium 5'0 King

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Specifications: 21, 700 Revolution® HD pocket springs Premium natural fillings of hempure, cashmere wool and cashmere hair Luxurious layers of wool, sumptuous Egyptian cotton and silk Added Mohair to provide resilience and durability 5 rows of hand side stitching and a traditionally hand-tufted cover for added support and durability 5 year guarantee Rotate regularly – Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter Made in the UKOur Spink and Edgar mattresses are not simply about getting to sleep, this is for all things that a bed should be; the home of solace for drowsy heads, a place for dreamers and for thinkers; a tranquil place to contemplate the day just gone and rejuvenate and repair for the next. Each Spink & Edgar mattress is created around the unique Revolution® HD pocket spring – with an additional inner ‘Joey’ spring designed to adjust to any individual. Initially soft, the double ‘spring within a spring’ gets firmer when more pressure is applied, delivering extra support when and where you need it ensuring accurate support throughout the life of the mattress. Alongside the 21, 700 pocket springs, the Empire mattress uses premium natural fillings of British wool, known for its ability to regulate temperature; luxurious and soft Egyptian cotton and soft and strong silk all working in harmony to provide unrivalled comfort and support whilst ensuring that your mattress is of the highest quality. The Empire mattress is elegantly finished with 5 rows of hand side stitching, each row securing the fillings into place to ensure support throughout the night. This is a single sided mattress and so does not require turning; however, using the handles, we recommend that you rotate the mattress from head to toe regularly. If you prefer, we can produce the king and super king mattresses zipped in two pieces; perfect if you and your partner prefer different tensions. These mattresses are also lighter, easier to turn and useful when access fo

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