Cream Pet Friendly Non Slip Soft Shaggy Rugs - Buddy 100cm Circle


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100% British Design & Manufacture. Washable And Quick Dry. Non-Slip Flexible Rubber Backing. Stain & Fade Resistant. Ultra Absorbent.ÿ These Pet friendly rugs are ideal for your home whether its in the living room, kitchen, hall or bedroom. Pick up a new Buddy today!ÿ Material: 100% Polypropylene Frise Colour: Blackÿ Backing: Non Slip Rubber Construction:ÿTufted Design Code: Buddy Cream ÿBenefits of A Buddy Rug 100% British Design & Manufacture Washableÿ& Quick Dry Non-SlipÿFlexible Rubber Backingÿ Extra Strong Fibres Stain Resistantÿ Colour Fast & Fade Resistant Resistant to Mould, Mildrew and Bacteria Absorbs Up To 4x It?s Own Weight In Water Whipping FinishÿOn All 4 Sides Soft & Comfortableÿ Suitable For All Busy Areas Of The Home

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